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Multi-Channel Management Tool for Smart eCommerce Sellers

Datafeed Automation is software that automatically syncs inventory, orders, and data across multiple channels. It streamlines everything to make your life easier.

Grow Sales and Increase Efficiency by Automating Your Daily Tasks

Combine Sales Channels

Make selling online much easier. Automatically feed product and inventory updates to all your marketplaces.

Receive Valuable Data

Grow faster, with the right data, at the right moment. Insights for more informed decisions.

Increase Productivity

Improve order management. And have more control over sales and shipping. So, you can get products out the door fast.

Save Significant Time

Quickly syndicate your products data feeds and optimize your listings on top of the best comparison shopping engines.

Simplify Operations

Integrate your sales channels in one centralized spot. Track sales orders and inventory quantities from multiple channels.

Get Performance Alerts

Know which products are top sellers in an instant. Use simple rules and automation to scale for maximum growth.

How It Works

First, we sync your products in order to get you set up. This will allow to begin managing your product data from one incredibly easy-to-use dashboard. It will also automate your feed updates.

The next step is to categorize your products so that you optimize your product data in bulk (titles, descriptions, pricing, etc). This lets you maximize exposure on all of your channels. And lets you gain visibility across your entire business.

Finally, use the intelligent features to track and update inventory. Use them to also reduce costs and increase profits with accurate forecasting. You’ll be running more efficiently in no time!


Premium Features

All You Need to Sell More and Be Happy

  • 100s of Sales Channels For Your Business
  • Uber Easy Inventory Management
  • Rapidly Identify Top Sellers with Analytics

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