How does the 14-day free trial work?

Free trials provide you with a full version of Datafeed Automation and all of its unique features. Simply choose a plan, fill out the required information, and then choose the free trial option. You can connect your channels and quickly see how it all works together.

We will automatically charge your card as per your chosen plan after the free 14 day trial period is over. No long term contracts. You can easily cancel your membership at any given time.

What is considered a SKU?

Stock Keeping Unit, more commonly known by its abbreviation SKU, is a term that's typically used when talking about inventory management. A SKU is essentially any product or product variation that you have in your Datafeed Automation product catalog. It helps with tracking and replenishing inventory.

What is considered a Sales Channel with Datafeed Automation?

A sales channel is each specific marketplace account that you sell on, and connect with Datafeed Automation. So, if you have an Amazon seller account, and an eBay seller account, that would be two channels that you’d want to sync with us.

Will this work for someone for whom 'nothing has worked' before?

Datafeed Automation gets you more sales and improves inventory management. It has all the seller tools for you to be happy. Expect positive changes in your business' health, solutions to any tedious tasks and stress-related problems, and much more. When your business changes, you change. Many online retailers have already benefited, and you will, too.

I'm already an advanced retailer? Will it be strong enough for me?

Absolutely. Datafeed Automation works for our founder and it will work for you, too. Experienced retailers find that Datafeed Automation accelerates their selling capabilities and gives them the results they had been looking for, often for many years. Experienced sellers—though sometimes skeptical in the beginning—are our biggest fans!